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Even Though

You Chose To Fade

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From dandelion wishes
to the Italian dishes
all with love you made

From this mortal life
fraught with joy and strife
this morning you chose to fade

With the angels to stand
and holding Eston’s hand
you’ve entered into God’s glory

You will be dearly missed
by the lives you have kissed
with the end of your earthly story!

In memory of my dear Aunt Marge who passed away early this morning,
with all my love!

Teresa Marie 4/3/12 ©

Goodbye, God Bless, I’ll Be Seeing You

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For my daughter Shawna and son Blaine; my eldest children whose cousin passed away last night after losing her fight with cancer

Dedicated to to the memory of Suezette White

Hell’s Concubine

Transcended – Tanka

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Free Falling


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Lover’s Souls

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Eye To Eye

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When the little bunny
met death eye to eye

‘Twas not his fate
that he did becry

For the bunny knew
if his time to die

He would go on to
the sweet bye and bye

And death was amazed
no fear in him lie

So in every hope
of torment to try

Death then decided to 
just pass him by

As bunny hopped away
a thanks to heaven cry

Unto God the Almighty
’twas not his time to die!

Teresa Marie  1/17/12 ©

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I am 53 years old, happily married, mother of three, grandmother of three.

I have had M.S. for almost 7 years. God had blessed me with many healing miracles in that time. I also have had the privilege of a near death experience and can't wait to get there!!

I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog and God bless!!

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