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Picture it & Write; Two Mothers

-Picture by Mihai Tamasila

Your arms were always open, even when I wronged you.
You gave me life, you gave me air, even when I hurt you.
You never discouraged me, never dragged me down.
You perform little miracles every day,
Even when people are hacking away at you.
I wish for your strength, your patience, and your resilience.
Someday I will stop taking you for granted. 

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.
Happy Mother’s Day Mother Nature. 

- Eliabeth Hawthorne

Picture it & Write

by Ermilia



by frizztext

picture it & write: Blind Sight Edition; So Sorry!

Leocardo struggled to focus on the document before him. The words were tiny, miniscule and appeared more like a hoard of crawling ants rather than legal text. What would happen to Odette if he signed it? It was all for her health and safety, or so they said, but Edaion had so many mysteries up it’s sleeve that Leocardo didn’t know if he could trust the doctor’s words. He lifted his head and peered down the sterile hallway of the hospital but he could not see his unwell sister. Was this the right thing? Fatigue was clouding his thoughts and vision. With a sudden start he signed his name, the pen slid off the page when he finished the last letter. Had he made the right choice? Were these the people who could be trusted with Odette’s life?

- Ermisenda Alvarez

__picture it & write: Blind Sight Edition

by Ermilia

Free Write Friday; Oh To Be A Fly On The Wall

In honor of warming weather, let’s heat things up a bit. Write about an affair. It can be about you having an affair, someone you know, you partner/spouse, the neighbor, the preacher…whoever you choose. Just give us a “fly on the wall” peak inside! What lies are being told? How is the cheater making it work without getting caught? Or are they getting away with it after-all? Think “Big Brother” and give  us the scoop!

Free Write Friday; Oh To Be A Fly On The Wall

by Kellie Elmore

Listen & Write – Take it on the Run – Reo Speedwagon; Sail Away

*image source:

“Jenna’s cousin’s Marci overheard the woman cutting her hair that your boyfriend is cheating on you.”

The sincerity on Lily’s face was touching, but Samatha just couldn’t give much credit to her words.  ”So… you heard it from a friend, who heard it from her cousin’s hair dresser that Mark is cheating on me?”  It sounded ridiculous, but it was a small town and there was nothing small towns liked more than their gossip.

Lily nodded and patted Samatha’s arm consolingly.  ”Said he was out with some blonde.  I don’t believe it, but if you do, you just walk away.  You tell his lying behind to hit the road!”

“Such strong evidence, however can I refute?” Samatha asked sarcastically.

-Eliabeth Hawthorne

Listen & Write – Take it on the Run – Reo Speedwagon

by Ermilia

Poetry Picnic Week 27: Spring Break, Vacations, Favorite Colors, First Kiss; Rainbow Display

Free Write Friday; Give this Picture a Story; Sweet Revenge

I give you a picture; you give me a story. Don’t make notes, don’t ponder your execution, just look at the photo andwhatever pops into your head first, begin writing based on that thought

Free Write Friday; Give this Picture a Story

by Kellie Elmore

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